Thursday, February 17, 2011

As We Roll Along...

Ah, life seems to be moving slowly, but is truly moving quite quickly. I can't believe that it's already halfway through February. That means two more months a few days left until I'm back in the states, and goodness knows I've got some stress over there already! I'm looking at job applications, as I'm planning on living in New York City for the summer. This means that the two weeks I spend when I return, I must apply like crazy. Then, I'll be home for a week or so, I think, then headed back to the city. I have a place to live, but I do have to help pay for it, so that's more or less where the job comes in. I'm hoping that my parents will let me stay even if the job falls through (but I promise, folks, I'm trying my hardest!). I've been creating a lot of stress for myself thinking about summer...I don't know if I'll have to plead with them or what! I hope they love me enough to let me do this for myself and have a new growing opportunity haha.
Meanwhile, here in Londontown, the weather's been pretty nice and I'm meeting some cool kids. Nothing new or exciting has happened lately, though I saw a production of Frankenstein last night at the National Theatre and it was AMAZING. One of the best shows I think I've seen. The lighting, sound/music, set, movement training, and several of the actors were simply phenomenal. Plus, it was a cast filled with people I didn't recognize by name, but with one look at their credits, I realized how many movies I've seen them in (including Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean). It was a wonderful show, and I think it's so awesome that the actors playing The Creature and Victor Frankenstein alternate the roles nightly. Magical.
Money sucks. A lot. Keeping track of expenses (especially when rent is involved) is absolute horror. Add needing to pay for internet on top of that, a Stratford trip I'm required to pay for today, and more groceries, and I'm falling apart! I think I'm losing weight trying to afford my groceries, though, which I guess isn't the worst thing! That, and going to the gym is one of my favorite things to do right now! I'm getting better at comparing prices and buying healthy foods, so that's been a big plus. I just bought two packs of ground lamb for £5, the same price I can pay for four chicken breasts or two packs of ground beef. Good deal, in my opinion. I spend lots of my money on milk, actually, since I drink protein shakes whenever I go to the gym (which is approximately five days a week). Luckily milk isn't too expensive, and I can only buy so much with four other people putting groceries in the fridge, too! I think I'm getting better at budgeting, so hopefully it will only be uphill from here!
Sorry I haven't updated in awhile (clearly nothing too exciting has happened). Praying I'll have something exciting to talk about soon!

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  1. Yes, but exciting in a good way.

    Welcome to the adult world of budgeting! Argh!