Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fighting and Florence

We had a crazy-amazing day today in stage combat and I'm testing my typing skills. My hands have been tremoring non-stop for at least twenty, twenty-five minutes, and when we sat to write things down, it looked like the chicken scratch of a three-year-old. Not even joking. We got to punch things today...and no, not just staged combat where no one gets hurt. Well, nobody really got hurt in this, either (minus the skin that is now missing from my middle knuckle), but we got to actually throw punches with a partner wearing mitts. Ethan tried to teach me to punch a year ago but I was too nervous. Now I've done it, and I think I'm pretty good at it. This is brilliant. Maybe I'll know how to defend myself in Italy!! Well, perhaps that's not funny.}
Meanwhile, Danny and I are prepping to go to Italy for spring break, starting this Friday! SOO excited. I am so fortunate to have an opportunity like this! Looking into tickets for Amsterdam in April as well, but that's not going as easily. Anyhow, looking forward to beautiful sights, stereotypical accordion music and legit pasta dishes! Hoping that with all my dieting and exercising, I won't lose all the hard work to lasagna, fettuccine alfredo, bruschetta, shrimp scampi...mmmm...anyone else hungry yet?

Still on the job hunt for NYC. Hard to do when you don't have a "current address" or telephone number while in the UK. Using Ethan's address in the city and telling them in my cover letter that my temporary number is my UK number. Turning in my internships on Thursday (need to go buy large manila folders and international stamps...I should get stamps anyway so I can finally send all my postcards!), and have applied to about ten jobs so far (five of them being Starbucks). Still searching!

I really wish I had a keyboard...I realized that my small crappy one is in Ithaca, so if I'm in NYC for the summer, I won't have a way to make music...guess I should start saving up to buy a good one...or bug my parents.

So much to do, so little time...Up, up,and away!


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