Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ah, Life...

I apologize for the lack of blog posting as of late! I've been relatively busy and/or had very little internet for the last week or so. Hopefully we'll be getting connected in our flat very soon (fingers crossed)!
Last weekend, we took a "class trip" to Avebury, Glastonbury, Wells, Bath and Stonehenge. All very beautiful locations, mostly outdoors, and it was cool to see historic architecture. The Glastonbury abbey ruins were phenomenal. Stonehenge was a tourist-y joy. However, my favorite places were the Wells Cathedral and the Roman Baths. Both places were stunning and breath-taking. I quite literally teared up inside the Wells Cathedral because it was so overwhelming, especially when a group of men there starting singing. It was the most beautiful cathedral I daresay I've ever been in so far, and I don't know what will compare to it in the future. The Roman Baths were great fun as well. We all took an audio-guided tour and walked around, and I bought a postcard at the end of things. On Wednesday, we saw a play called "The Rivals" (from which I just learned a scene for Styles class), which takes place in Bath, and it was fun to see the accuracy of the set.
That's the short version, for time's sake!
A few things I've realized I miss, though.
Apples and eggs. Not that I can't buy them, but they seem to be two of the most expensive produce items EVER. HOWEVER. You can buy hazelnuts and pinenuts for cheap? Welcome to Europe, I guess!

I'm also using London as my time to re-evaluate my goals and re-write my life. There are things I want to do, ways I want to be, and things I need to get out of my when else would be a better time than now? I am a free bird with so many options in life. And a recent jolt to my personal life (shouldn't have been a jolt as it was nothing new, but it hit me harder this time), I've decided to do what I want for myself. That means get back into shape, get flexible, make healthy eating choices, spend money wisely (as that has been an issue since I moved here and I am an unhappy girl about it), make friends, and just live my life. I want to live. So what's stopping me?


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