Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So It Begins...

After twenty six hours of nearly non-stop travel, I am finally here in lovely London! It's a little foggy and dreary, but the weather's not too cold, which is a nice change. The difference in driving/traffic patterns is intimidating, and my friends and I are pretty certain we're going to get hit at least once in the next four months! ...four months. That seems like such an incredible amount of time. It sounds lengthy, but god knows it's going to fly by so quickly! I have so many beautiful opportunities ahead of me. After a whole semester of overwhelming anticipation, it seems almost unreal that the time has finally come. What a fortunate, amazing, incredible and life-changing experience this is going to be. I still can't believe that we all get this chance to travel...London, Russia...what a wonderful year for the Class of 2012!

Of course, it's always my bad luck that gets the better of me! My luggage ended up on a different flight and I currently do not have any of my belongings, save what I brought in my backpack. I really hope it gets to me soon...last time I flew, I didn't have my things for two days! And speaking of things that annoy me while traveling, a few amusing complaints:
1) Babies. If there's anything that makes me want to not have kids, it's babies on planes. Crying babies, especially in circumstances where I can't leave, don't cause my maternal instincts to kick in and make me want to coo and rock them. They make me want to kill something. I later found out that the mother really didn't do much to stop her baby from crying for an hour. Even worse.
2) Auto-Flush Toilets. I was not done. You flushed on me. Now I feel disgusting.
3) Lots of College Students. If you have not flown much, I understand. If you are scared to fly, I empathize. But don't be rude to the flight attendants when they're trying to help you. Don't get sassy and get into arguments with them, then mock them behind their back. You, miss; I'm sorry, but you have the physicality and mentality of a twelve-year-old (with an annoying, high-pitched voice to boot). Grow up. People have to travel with you for six hours.

I also got a phone. I only intend to use it infrequently, as it ended up being more costly than I anticipated (my flatmates and I all got the same phone, and we were too eager and didn't compare with other stores). Sent a few texts out with not-so-favorable responses, which hurt my feelings. Alas. I must move on!

Up, up, and away we go! On to hunt for a place to live!


  1. Hey, La Femme is me.....follow me @ my blog. Can't wait to read about all your adventure!

  2. lol...by "me". I meant Cynthia!